Nuba Lessons

by Marco Torres

Ever since I started working at Nuba Restaurant, not only my eating habits have drastically changed, but also my lifestyle. Nuba is committed to healthy food, the environment and the community. Nuba has not only taught me the benefits of consuming local ingredients, recycling and composting, but also about how important it is to help and participate in the community we live in.
Considered one of the healthiest in the world, Lebanese cuisine includes an abundance of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and strives for the consumption of non-medicated and hormone free meats.
Nuba follows these principles and works closely with local producers to offer the freshest ingredients and first quality meat, instead of importing out of season produce from far away. An example of this is the consumption of quinoa; after seeing the growing global interest in Peruvian Quinoa and how the prices went up to the point of making it no longer affordable for the people farming it, Nuba decided to support Canadian farmers and to start consuming only homegrown and GMO free quinoa and to step away from this unintentional poverty and hunger cycle.
I have learned that sustainability is the key to making a difference on issues such as climate change and food waste and that habits like composting and recycling are important ways to contribute to the environment. Adopting these habits and practising them at home is a simple and effective way to reduce our ecological footprint, and spreading the word is the way to promote and share the same values with our customers. By sponsoring cultural events such as the Dragon Boat Festival and donating to different fundraisers and charities such as the Cancer Society, Nuba promotes community engagement as a win-win situation for the restaurant and its customers.
Finally, from our customers I have adopted positive practices like exercising more and being careful with my diet; it is common to see plenty of people carrying their yoga mats when entering the restaurant or locking their bikes before doing so. It is also common to get a variety of different dietary restrictions that clients request when ordering, and Nuba is sensitive about it when cooking a meal, either vegetarian, vegan or gluten and/or dairy free.
Located at the corner of Cambie and Hastings street, Nuba restaurant is an amazingly healthy place to eat and also an awesome place to work where staff, suppliers and customers are treated fairly.

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