We are the Right To Food Zine !

(On May 20th, 2016, This new Zine baby was born…please bear with us while she’s learning to walk and talk)

Our Mission

The Right To Food Zine’s mission is to promote the human right to food that is healthy, nutritious, affordable, and presented with dignity. Our voices reflect the diversity that is the Downtown Eastside. Our articles, research, and recipes speak to the DTES residents, social justice groups, and beyond. We inform our readers, while fostering the desire to know more and to become more engaged. As part of the DTES community, we strive to be a tool for community-building.

RTFZ 13 Vancouver Cantonese Seniors -Special Edition

Our Current Issue: RTFZ 13 Honouring Vancouver
Cantonese Seniors -Special Edition (Winter 2016)

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